Monthly Archives: April 2022

Tax planning 2022-23

Planning to save tax may seem like a luxury buy in these days of rising prices and recovering from COVID fallout. And yet tax planning is of real value in these uncertain times. Whether your income and profits are increasing or reducing, there will be tax consequences. And unfortunately, to mitigate your tax footprint you […]

The value of objectivity

Many business owners feel qualified to act on their subjective conclusions. Where these conclusions are key to the continuing success of the business this internal process opens up the possibility of failure – what if you have failed to consider all the possible risks? As individuals, we can only grapple with our internal thought processes, […]

Planning for the unexpected

How do we plan for the unpredictability that is a recurring feature of our business lives? Brexit, COVID-19, and now the war in Ukraine, all conspire to create trading conditions that can best be described as chaotic. Present challenges include increasing energy and commodity prices, both of which are forcing up the cost of living […]

Happy new tax year

Like so many of the regulations that govern our lives, the legislative processes underpinning these rules are anachronisms – things that belong to the past. For example, the present tax year ends on 5th April 2022. The reason that our tax year ends on this obscure date started in 1582 when Pope Gregory ordered a […]

HMRC warning to taxpayers

HMRC issued the following press release 8 March 2022: “HMRC is warning customers not to share sensitive personal information online to avoid their identities being used to commit tax fraud. “HMRC is aware that criminals are attempting to obtain customers’ Government Gateway logins and other personal details, enabling them to register for Income Tax Self-Assessment […]